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Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Has Started.......

Monday was out first day of school, and if you didn't already know, my whole family is home schooled. Which means that my mom has a lot of different grades to teach, from 10th to preschool!! Just to let you all know, I had no idea that in 10th grade you would have a lot more work to do(plus a lot more books), Maybe if I had known before, I would have flunked a couple grades back, to keep from going higher up in grades, LOL!! You know I'm just kidding though, right??=) This is a rough schedule our mornings:

6:00- up and dressed
6:30- exercise
7:00- A.M chores
7:30- breakfast and devotionals
8:30- school starts
11:30- clean zones*
12:00- lunchtime
1:00- younger kids go down for nap

Pretty specific, isn't it?? We all have our mom (the serious organizer) to thank for it. =) Although, it does make our mornings go a lot smoother. It is hard to get everyone to on the same page when you have 8 kids, including a baby.Ha Ha!! Have you all started school yet?

These are all of my school books. Ooops!! I'm missing a few...

This is the table before school.........

And this is the table during school. Ha Ha!! ;)

This is one of our schedules......

* Zones are rooms in the house that are appointed to someone for them to clean. For example, my zone is the living room, Liam's zone is the dining room and so on. I'm in charge of making sure my zone is clean before lunch and before dinner. Did I make sense??

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