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Monday, August 30, 2010

Poem Monday

I'm going to start posting a poem every Monday. I think I'll call it Poem Monday.......hmm, what do you all think?? I would GREATLY appreciate it if you would give me some suggestions. Well anyway, here is my poem for the week.


I believe we all know evil from good
It's clearly quite simple and well understood
But when there’s a catch, a prize to be won
We abandon our conscience to burn for what’s wrong

I believe it's not hard to see what is right,
To know what is darkness and know what is light,
Yet when the blood boils and the flesh starts to rise,
We flee all our pledges for paths that feel nice.

I believe there’s a judgment for what we have known
For choices and actions we’ve willfully sown;
For passionate pursuits of private delights,
When there’s an alternative to follow the light.

Why can’t we remember the heartache of evil,
Before we commit to it all of our will?
Few moments are tougher than after we’ve sinned,
The guilt’s like a whirlwind howling within.

I believe in a cross that corrects everything
Erasing all evil existing within,
A sacrifice greater than man’s greatest sin,
That’s branded my heart and sealed it for Heaven.

~ Lamshai Tham ~
Meghalaya, India

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