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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Sister Got Saved!!

What do you mean?? You might be asking. Well, Lina who is six years old accepted Christ as her Savior! Isn't that WONDERFUL news?? It all happened last night. My mom was helping Lina memorize her AWANA verse and it was about salvation. Well, she really didn't understand what salvation meant. My mom took some time and explained it to her. She was still confused, so my dad talked to her about Heaven, with good angels and Hell, with evil angels. She finally grasped what my mom and dad were talking about and she cried. She felt so dirty in her heart that she wanted to pray and ask God to make her sinful heart clean! My dad prayed with her, and that night Jesus got another child to love.

We were all so happy for her!! She is only six, but she has a lot of wisdom for her short six years.

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  1. oh, how wonderful1!! I am so happy for your sister and your family!!! It's always great to hear stories like this, especially when the person is so young.


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