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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Yesterday, my family went up to the mountains for the day and had a picnic. It was so nice up, breezy and oh so quiet. Sigh. =) It was sad to have to come back, LOL. We are going camping for Labor Day weekend though!! I'm sooo excited!! Another large family is coming with us, so it will be lots of fun with so many kids...!! We were going to take up some fishing poles but we decided it would be more fun to make some ourselves. Since, yesterday my siblings and I tried so hard to catch some fish with a shirt as a net. But we failed.......;(. Although it was a lot of fun trying!!

My two wonderful parents was bad hair and makeup day, LOL!! We were in the mountains anyway, so who cares.


Bella, and yes, she was posing.





Lennon, isn't he cute??

Lucas, pretending to eat a worm.....

Levi, showing us a special friend he had found

This was the creek that we were right by, and it was actually flowing!!

More water....

All the kids were trying to get down from a ledge and uh...let's just say it was pretty difficult!!

* no worms were harmed in taking these pictures.....haha!!

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  1. Well, first of all... I don't see either of the buttons on your blog.

    second, you forgot the 1st entry: 4 most important things in your life {not including God}.



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