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Here are a few questions I had to fill out to be entered in a giveaway. I thought I would just leave them up for whoever wants to read them.....

1. What has been your favorite part of summer so far?
Going swimming and not doing school...

2. What is your favorite part of autumn?
The coolness and the colors of the leaves....

3. Raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens?
Raindrops on roses....hmm.

4. Describe your dream house.
It's going to be an old house with a wrap around porch....

5. What's your favorite movie?
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers....aren't old movies the best??

6. Quote something from the book you most recently read:
???? gotta think on that one....

7. What do you like/not like about my blog?
I like the design...=D

8. Rain or shine?
I live where it's very dry so I say rain!!

9. The worst grammatical mistake, in your opinion:
I don't know maybe text language like: where r u!!

10. If you had a choice, would you want to live: in the mountains, in a rainforest, on a prairie, or by the beach?
By the beach...;)

11. What character from a book would you say you are most like?
I have no idea...

12. Be constantly talking the rest of your life or not be able to communicate in any way for the rest of your life?
Be talking the rest of my life....who came up with these questions anyway??

13. Owl City or Switchfoot?
Now clue....

14. Taylor Swift of Selena Gomez?
Taylor Swift for sure <3

15. Your pet peeve?
Can't have a dirty kitchen....

16. What's your favorite font?
The normal one I guess....

17. How are you educated? (i.e. home schooled, public schooled, private schooled)
I'm home schooled!! WHOO WHOO!!

18. Do you consider yourself tomboy-ish or feminine?
A little bit of both I think...

19. What's your favorite song?
"When I'm 64" by the Beatles.....uh-oh did I say something wrong??

20. Did you enjoy answering these questions?
Yeah, when they make sense....

WHEW!! I'm done.......=(