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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodbye for now........

Goodbye my awesome readers.........I will be especially busy these next couple of days with the county fair and too busy to post. =( But, I will come back with A LOT of pictures to share!! So, just hang tight and don't go into withdrawal me. *tear* I should be back to the blogging world maybe Monday......ooh it makes me sad just thinking about it. Hopefully, I will have more followers and more comments by the time I get back.....huh, huh, readers. So, farewell.

*comment if you'll miss!!


  1. You are missed Abbie & you have a new follower, me! Don't know why I wasn't one before,cause I know I've visited here previously. Well, who knows, I've been busy busy busy lately, & probably will be for a pretty long lately to come, at that! I try to smoosh blogging into my schedule, though. God's blessed me to be busy with a new job so I shouldn't complain, but joyfully take all the busy-ness & hectic craziness that's come my way (I'm saying that more for me - I've got to keep reminding myself!). =) Hope you have fun at your county fair! Glad to be your newest follower for the moment!
    Blessings & Love in Christ,
    P.S.: Thanks so much for listing me in your sidebar! So sweet!


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