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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday pictures =)

Here are a few pictures of my sibling's b-day party. BTW it was only my family, no one else...... We have family birthday parties. The only time we have a BIG party is when one us turns 10. Then after that we have small family parties........

For the menu my brother wanted:
*Crab Leg*
Shrimp Cocktail

For dessert we had:
Chocolate Explosion Cake(that I made)
A Dora Cake

*My brother was the only one that ate crab.......way too expensive for a family of 10!! That's why there is steak on the menu........

Succulent mm!!

My dad's shrimp cocktail.........yummy!!

the scallops before they were baked

The crab and corn.........

Alaina's cupcake cake.........that Bella and I decorated!!

See the cupcakes??

The most delicious chocolate cake ever!!!

Here is my handwriting.........yes, I know, I still need A LOT of practice.

The family all together (not as easy as it looks!!lol)

My dad and the birthday girl

Mysterious package.........hmm??


Alaina got a Dora the Explorer shirt and

Shoes!! What more could a girl want??

Liam got his Risk game that he's been wanting and

A 22 rifle!!

Here is Alaina putting on her shoes........cute!!

OOPS!! Here is another gift that I forgot to include, a machine airgun!! My grand parents and Aunt bought it for him..........He loves it!!

Alaina enjoying her cupcake!!

What her cake looked like after she was!!

Here is what the cake looked cut, doesn't it look delicious??

I think that everyone had a Great time tonight!! Don't you agree??

p.s I will post the recipe for the cake if I get 5 comments........o.k?? So get commenting, lol!!

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  1. We are all very impressed with the food, especially the cakes and decorations. We enjoy following your blog, as it is very imaginative and entertaining.

    Keep it coming!


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