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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fashionista time!!

I was looking at Coldwater Creek, a clothing store, online and let's just say I love it!! They have soooo many CUTE clothes. Plus, mostly everything there is modest. Sure, there are a few clothing items that are skimpy, but nothing that a undershirt can't take care of.=)I fell head over heals in love with this particular dress........

Doesn't it just spell femininity!! The only drawback is that the front comes down pretty low, but like I said nothing that a undershirt can't fix!! It would look even cuter with these shoes to go with it....

Just to add some color I chose white, but they come in different colors. I found them at a neat website,

Go and check out these neat clothing stores.........Let me know what you find.

Oh!! And this will be my last post for the week =(. You want to know why?? If you don't I'll tell you anyways, my family is going camping!! YEAH!! I'm sooo excited.....I'll post pictures when we get back. Have a good Labor Day weekend!! I'll sure miss you all.........=)

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