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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beautiful Poem

Hi everyone!! I came upon this poem just a little while ago and just had to post it. This poem is so true, life is a gift which can be taken a way at anytime. So we have to make the most of it while we can.

By Edgar A. Guest

Life is a gift to be used every day,
Not to be smothered and hidden away;
It isn't a thing to be stored in the chest
Where you gather your keepsakes and treasure your best;

It isn't a joy to be sipped now and then
And promptly put back in a dark place again.
Life is a gift that the humblest may boast of
And one that the humblest may well make the most of.

Get out and live it each hour of the day,
Wear it and use it as much as you may;
Don't keep it in niches and corners and grooves,
You'll find that in service its beauty improves.


  1. I have been a fan of poems my whole life, and I just love this one, thanks so much for sharing!

  2. There are some days when it really hits me how fleeting this life is. It's usually when I'm driving to the grocery store and at a stop light when it hits me hardest. Unfortunately, to some people the answer to that 'problem' is to just do everything that 'feels good.' The right answer is to live every moment on fire for Christ...much easier said than done. The people who are the most scared of the fleeting nature of life are the ones who are unsure of what's after.

    Beautiful poem, by the way.


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